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The Facts About Lab Created Diamonds and How to Choose

Diamonds that have the same chemical, and physical properties with traditional diamonds are known as lab created diamonds. However, the difference comes in in the process of formation whereby while the traditional diamonds occur naturally, the lab created diamonds are designed in a laboratory setting. The activities of the earth are the ones that contribute to formation of traditional diamonds. There are certain lab conditions that make it possible to have lab created diamonds. Although the formation process might be different, the outcome of both traditional and lab created diamonds is the same. Some laboratory technicians can design imitation, and fake diamonds and which look like lab created diamonds. Because of the existence of fake diamonds, you have to make sure that you have purchased a genuine diamond engagement ring.

Although there are many methods of telling a genuine diamond ring from a fake one; it is essential that you are prepared with all the data that will be helpful. To make sure that you have bought the right diamond engagement ring, there are some tips that you will need to observe. One of these points that you need to consider is the quality of the diamond. When you have a clear understanding of diamond quality, that will assist you to know the genuineness of the diamond. The quality of a diamond engagement ring can be viewed by looking at the color, cut, carat and clarity. Because diamonds are resistant to surface damages; you need to avoid those who have scuffs or scratches because that will suggest that it could be a fake one.

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Those diamonds which are pure are expensive, and that is why the setting would be under tight security. You will not spend more money buying a diamond engagement ring because technology has led to improvements and a lab created beautiful rock will save you more money. You need to select lab created diamonds since you can design them to what you want and that is a good thing for a couple who want to be different or unique. Use her favorite shape or color to make the diamond engagement ring more meaningful.

The popularity of diamond jewelry has made experts come up with various ways of providing these diamond engagement rings which are more cost effective. For the traditional diamonds, you will need to destroy the existing land so that you can excavate them but that is not the same thing which happens for lab created diamonds since the setting is in the lab. Because of all the benefits of lab-created diamonds, it makes them suitable to be bought.

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